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If your playing any kind of Womens softball then yes. But for mens softball, it matters what league your playing in. Some lay overhand slow itch, overhand fast itch, underhand slow pitch or underhand fast pitch. Check with a teamate or make sure what kinda of softball you are playing

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Q: Do you pitch under hand in softball?
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How do you play slow pitch softball?

you under hand a pitch by tossing it under hand

How does the pitcher pitch the ball in softball?

a pitcher throws a softball under hand in a circular motion

What is the difference between a baseball pitch and softball pitch?

Baseball is a over-handed pitch. Softball is a under-handed pitch

How a softball is pitched?


Why does baseball have an over throw pitch and softball have an under throw pitch?

Because a softball is heavier then a baseball.

Do you have to pitch under handed in softball?


What size is extended strike zone for slow underhand pitch softball?

under your waist

What is 5 cooolfacts on softball?

5 Fun Facts about Softball: 1. It's just like baseball except it's for girls!!! 2. The ball is bigger than a baseball so it's easier to catch and hit. 3. When you pitch, you pitch "under"-hand rather than "over"-hand 4. There are 9 positions in defense just like in baseball. 5. The field is smaller than a basball diamond.

Is an overhanded pitch going to effect a fast-pitch softball players hitting?

Yes, because when you are a batter for softball you tend to time the pitch as your arm goes around so over hand can mess up your timing and ruin the speed of the bat causeing you to do bad at the plate.

Draw and label a typical softball pitch?

Draw a softball pitch and label the following features.

What are the differences in the sports baseball and softball?

A baseball is smaller than a softball, and a softball is made of softer material (hence the name). Pro baseball players get on ESPN, become famous and make millions. Pro softball players get on ESPN2 at 1 in the morning and no one knows their names.

What is the meaning of underarm throw in softball?

An underarm throw in softball is basically a pitch. If you watch a fast pitch softball team, you will see that the pitcher pitches underhand.