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No, because it's not.

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Q: Do the Jonas brothers know there song kids of the futuer is satanic?
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What did the Jonas Brothers play at Kids Inaugural?

The Jonas Brothers performed SOS, Lovebug, and Tonight at the Kids Inaugural 2009

How many kids do Jonas Brothers mom has?

The Jonas brothers mom have 4 kids.. she has joe Kevin and nick and then they have a little brother Frankie who is 8

How many kids in Jonas family?

Well...The Jonas Brothers Haven't Had Any Kids Yet. 0=

Are Barack Obama's children fans of the Jonas Brothers?

Barack Obama's kids are very much fans of the Jonas brothers.

Do you need adult supervision at a Jonas Brothers concert?

Yes, you never know what the Jonas Brothers will do to your kids when no parents are around.

Who sings the song kids in the future?

The Jonas Brothers sing kids of the future, not kids in the future.

What awards have the Jonas Brothers won?

I know that the Jonas Brothers had won the KCA ( Kids Choice Awards ) award. I love the Jonas Brothers so much. Click on the link below for more information.

Where the joas brothers live as a child?

the Jonas brothers lived in Wycoff, New Jersey when they were kids

Do the Jonas Brothers have servants?

Nope, the Jonas Brothers are like any other reguar kids, they have to take out the trash and do there laundry just like us.

How where the Jonas Brothers decuferd?

Nicholas (Nick) Jonas, was at a hair dresser and he tried to entertain the other kids , so he started singing, and there was a music directer there, and gave Denise Jonas a card , later on his other brothers joined and they became the Jonas Brothers

Who are the winners of the 2009 kids choice awards?

i think the Jonas brothers hehehehehe

Will the Jonas brothers be performing at the Australian kids choice awards 2009?