Do konan like itachi

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i don't even think they know each other itachi dies not to long after konans first appearance

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Q: Do konan like itachi
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Who All Dead In Naruto New Season?

Deidara, itachi, sasori, pein, konan

Who are partners in the akatsuki?

Kisame & Itachi Sasori & Deidara Deidara & Tobi Konan & Pein Kakuzu & Hidan Zetsu

Is konan made out of paper?

No...not at all it is her special jutsu , do yu remember when tobi killed her , their was blood coming out of her and that proves it , she uses paper just like itachi uses crows

Does yahiko like konan?

No, But Yahiko was the one who had romantic feelings for Konan. Konan just viewed him as a very close friend.

Who are the akasutki members?

All of the akatuki members: Tobi Zetsu Itachi Sasori Deidara Pain Kisame Kakuzu Hidan Konan And Finaly!! Orochimaru!!

Does sai like konan?

no.... why would he like Konan? its clear Naruto likes Sakura, and Sakura secretly likes Naruto back but i dont think that Sai likes Konan.

History of Konan Folk Dance?

Konan is like a detective conan and conan bbrand..

Is akatsuki a boy or girl in natuto?

8 boys- Hidan, Kakuzu, Deidara, Sasori, Tobi (arrives after Sasori), Zetsu, Itachi, Kisame & Pein 1 Girl- Konan

Who were all the people that join akautski?

pain konan madara/tobi orochimaru itachi kisami sasori deidara zetsu hidan kakuzu sauske karin suigetsu jugo

Did pein and konan ever kiss?

No, Pein does not like (as in romantically) like Konan.

What nicknames does Yuka Konan go by?

Yuka Konan goes by Konan, and Konan-chan.

Who are the Akatski?

the akatski are itachi,kismame,sasuke,orchamaru,hidan,kakazu,pain,uchiha madra[tobi],deidra,sasori,deidara,zetsu,and konan. plz answer back if i missed someone out.