Do kaname and yuuki kiss

Updated: 8/30/2023
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they do in manga chapter 48 page 27+ manga 35

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it doesn't say. all we know is that she went off with him somewhere.

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yes they do.

sucking blood between vampires is also considered quite intimate, which is one of

the moments they do have

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Q: Do kaname and yuuki kiss
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Does Aido love Yuki?

Well duh I've read all the manga and watched all the episodes (in Japanese though) and it is so obvious that he likes her he asks her to dance with him and in the manga he always looks disappointed when yuuki and kaname kiss plus in the manga hes her personal protector!

Why did kaname leave yuuki?

She is hes fiancee so ofcourse he wants her by his side.

Who is best Kaname or Zero?

Actually, both are very great characters in their own respective way.Kuran Kaname may be the person who has suffered for so long while trying to protect Yuuki, but DON'T forget that Zero always suffered because Yuuki never loved him back. Adding the fact he has to continously bear the fact that he's a vampire now. As for Kaname, he temporarily used Ruka as his 'mistress' while Yuuki was still growing up. When she was old enough and the time was right, he'd just 'push' Ruka aside and go for Yuuki only.If you truly love someone, you should let them go and be free. When they come back to you, they were always yours. And when they don't, they never were yours.Zero let Yuuki go with Kaname, because he loved her and wanted her to be happy. Kaname was always very possessive of Yuuki.And to say the least: Zero doesn't need a bunch of screaming girls and a vampire gang to prove that he's hot. He can prove his smexiness without all of those ;)Conclusion: I wouldn't call Kaname the best, but ZERO KIRYUU DEFINITELY IS THE BEST!! Just like a TRUE VAMPIRE KNIGHT!!!

Are kaname and yuuki really siblings?

NO. Kaname and Yuki are not real siblings. SPOILERS! Don't read if you don't want to know what happens in the manga. Kaname is really the Kuran ancestor, one of the very first vampires and the first Kuran. Rido sacrificed Yuki's real brother, who coincidentally was named Kaname, to awaken the Kuran ancestor. Kaname had been sleeping for thousands of years and could not control his hunger when he awakened. At a last resort, he regressed his body into that of a baby's and erased all of his memories. He then left his fate in the hands of Haruka and Juri, their parents. Haruka and Juri both thought Kaname the ancestor was their real baby, but their baby died when Rido sacrificed him. Kaname also believes he is their real child, since he erased him memories, until later he begins to regain snippets of his past. By the time Rido appears he fully remembers who he truly is. Kaname and Yuki are blood related, but very very distantly. Kaname also stated he would have been happier if he had been born as Yuki's real brother. Recap, Kaname and Yuki are NOT siblings.

Does aki end up with yusei?

If you're asking about the anime series Vampire Knight,then Yuki ends up with Kuran Kaname.However, that's the anime. The anime stops after season 2, when Rido is defeated; however, they discontinued the anime. The MANGA is still in progress, and we don't know if Yuuki leaves Kaname for Zero or not, which is a possibility, because she does love him. The cynic in me says that it's unbelievably unlikely for her to choose Zero over Kaname (despite the fact that she and Zero are better suited for each other - Kaname is the easier choice, which is why, I believe, she goes with him in the first place), unless Kaname dies, which I think is also very probable. Typically, the human brain is all about self-preservation - it will go with what's easiest, to prevent being hurt, even if it's futile. It will ignore the heart, and choose the easier solution, rather than the harder one, no matter how wonderful the ending of the harder solution may seem. This is assuming that the author is going for realism, of course.

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Is there a kiss scene in Vampire knight?

Yes, in the anime Yuuki and Kaname kiss. I think Zero and Yuuki almost kiss, but then they get interrupted or something. I'm not sure what happens in the manga, I heard they both kiss Yuuki in it. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ O.o Kaname is Yuuki's brother or something. I thought that she and Zero kissd.....?

In what volume does Yuuki leave with Kaname?

If this about Yuuki and Kaname leaving Cross Academy I believe that is in Volume 10 of Vampire Knight.

Who are kaname kuran's real parents?

No one knows kaname's real parents because kaname is not yuuki's real brother,yuuki's real brother was killed by rido kuran,In the second season of vampire knight,episode 7,kaname bit yuuki and yuuki believed that kaname is her elder brother but he's not and yuuki doesn't know that.

Does kaname love yuuki as a sister or something more?

kaname loves yuuki as something more than a sister (READ THE MANGA)

What happens to Yuuki's weapon in Vampire Knight chapter 41?

im not sure exactly what happens i get my chapters mixed up, but i think depending on which part of the manga your at if its after the vampire ball kaname gives it back to yuuki, if it is when yuuki and kaname go to the kuran house, kaname keeps it, if its when zero gets his power, kaname gets from yuuki im not sure exactly how but one moment yuuki's best friend gives it to her and the next kaname has it. hope i helped! :)

Does yuuki hate kaname?

She doesn't, she loves kaname, more then her life, and always have, she never hated him, and in "Vampire Knight Guilty" she chooses to be with kaname, instead of Zero. But zero is important to yuuki as well.

Why did yuuki go with kaname instead of zero?

Kaname is Yuki's brother and they are bond to be wed

Will yuuki end up with zero or kaname?

Yuuki ends up with Kaname. Go to type in vampire knight and start reading. Hope I helped.

Why do yuuki cross and maria kurinie kiss in vampire knight?

In the manga series "Vampire Knight," Yuki Cross and Maria Kurenai share a kiss due to a spell cast by Maria, which erases Yuki's memories of her feelings for Kaname Kuran. This leads to a complex love triangle between Yuki, Kaname, and Zero throughout the series.

Does aidou hanabusa like kuran yuuki?

In the anime "Vampire Knight", Aidou Hanabusa does have romantic feelings for Kuran Yuuki, but she is in love with Kaname Kuran. Ultimately, Aidou respects Yuuki's feelings and supports her in her relationship with Kaname.

What anime series is Kaname and Yuuki from?

They are from the Vampire Knight anime.

Which episode in Vampire Knight Guilty does yuki kiss anyone?

Actually, Yuuki gets a kiss from Kaname in guilty episode #7. Actually, it wasn't much of a kiss. Watch the episode cause I don't want to spoil.