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They didn't have to. ;) But what else is Dr. Tenma supposed to do as a single man?

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Q: Did they have to build a penis on astro boy?
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How old is Astro Boy's sister?

Uran? Umm I belive she was like 6 but some say astro boy was 15 and his sister was 8 or 9. If astro boy had done better the producers would have made astro boy 2 and would have included Uran but only 3.9 mil was hauled in and they spent 6.4 mil! Too bad I would have loved to see astro boy 2! But some people say that pixar or dreamworks is going to adopt astro boy and caring on the story!!! Well, if you're talking about the 2003 show, and Astro is 9 in that, then his sister Zoran would be about 5.

What year did astro boy come out?

Astro boy was first published in 1952 and first broadcast in 1963.Astro boy was remade as Shin Tetsuwan Atomu in the 1980s and again it was remade in 2003 known as Astro boy in other countries.

Does astro boy like cora?

While this has never been truly answered, there are some scenes that suggest Astro has feelings for Cora.

What is a boy's privet part called?


How is Astro Boy and Pinochio similar and different in the movie?

Interesting. Pinocchio is a miraculously animated Puppet invented by Gepetto, a toy maker of some sort. ( the name means Little Joe). Astro Boy is something of a Cyborg , he has both cybernetic ( computer-robot) and Human components and was spliced together after his human body was killed, I believe by an auto accident. Toby was the human component. Astro Boy is entirely a Good-Guy character, Pinocchio has all sorts of lapses due to having no conscience . Pinocchio is actually closer to the Frankenstein story than Astroboy ever was or could be. Astro entirely a Good guy.

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Who is more famous Astro Boy or Justin Bieber?

Astro Boy

Who is more famous Astro Boy or Nicki Minaj?

Astro Boy

Where does astro boy live?

astro boy lives in metro city

When was Pluto - Astro Boy - created?

Pluto - Astro Boy - was created in 1980.

When was Astro Boy released?

Astro Boy was released on 10/23/2009.

What was the Production Budget for Astro Boy?

The Production Budget for Astro Boy was $65,000,000.

Who is more famous Astro Boy or Lady Gaga?

As far as I can determine, Lady Gaga is more famous than Astro Boy.

Who is more famous Mario or Astro Boy?

Mario is more famous than Astro Boy.

Is Batman stronger than Astro Boy?

Definitely, Batman is stronger than Astro Boy.

How much money did Astro Boy gross worldwide?

Astro Boy grossed $44,093,014 worldwide.

How tall is goliath on astro boy?

I think goliath on astro boy was 9 feet tall.

When did they stop making Astro Boy?

They stopped making any Astro Boy in 2009, after the movie came out.