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Q: Did the band the beatles ever play a concert in mobile Alabama?
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Which band sung a roof top concert?


What British band known as the Fab Four played their final concert on this day in 1966?

The Beatles

When the beatles played in Mexico?

The Beatles were in Mexico in 1965; they had planned a concert in Mexico City, but the regent of the city said the band was having a bad influence on youth. The date was replaced by a concert in San Diego.

Have any of The Beatles visited Croatia?

Paul McCartney visited Croatia with his band Wings in 1976, and he held a concert in Zagreb.

White album concert?

The Beatles stopped giving concerts in 1966. The "White Album" was recorded and released in 1968. The Beatles never performed songs from the album in concert, though the original plan for Let It Be was to perform some of them for a select audience.The band Phish has performed the entire album in concert.

What connection did the rolling stones and the Beatles have?

Both Bands were from Britain. Each band watched the other in concert. Each band was influenced by the other, and they even worked on a few projects together.

Which famose Band came from Liverpool?

The Beatles.

Who are Beatles?

The Beatles are a British Band From Liverpool !

Did The Beatles have a game?

Beatles Rock Band.

Did the beatles produce a band?

They were a band.

Where can you buy The Beatles Rock Band for Wii?

You can get the Beatles rock band at game stop.

Does Paul McCartney still have his Hofner bass guitar?

Yes, and he sometimes uses it in concert, when he plays Beatles songs. (He had several Hofner basses; one still had a Beatles set list taped to it, years after the band broke up.)