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No they didn't they have an album coming out on the 21st and are currently on tour with Simple Plan

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Q: Did the band Marianas Trench break up?
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How did the original marianas trench break up?

Josh was fresh out of rehab and they wanted to start a new band :) and the "original" marianas trench was actually called Ramsay's Fiction

Who is Matt Web of Marianas Trench?

Matt Webb is the guitarist and back up vocalist of a A-MAZE-ING band called Marianas Trench : )

Who is ian casselman?

Ian Casselman is in the band Marianas Trench. He is the drummer and back up vocals!

How did josh ramsay come up with the name of marianas trench?

Marianas Trench is the deepest chasm in the ocean. We liked the word "chasm" and therefore decided to name the band Marianas Trench after said chasm." - Matt Webb This is exactly what Matt Webb said in an interveiw .

How did marianas trench decide what their name was going to be for the band?

Marianas Trench has been known to make up stories about how they got their name in interviews. One story is they were seal hunting in the Arctic and Ian said "If we get out of this alive we're naming the band Marianas Trench." Or so Josh Ramsay said in an interview..... Josh also said that any other name they could think of was already taken, but I'm pretty sure that's not a lie.

Who was the first member of Marianas Trench?

The band started off with Josh Ramsay wanting a back up band with him when he preformed. It consisted of Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Steve Marshall and Morgan Hempsted. The band worked so well together, Ramsay decided to drop his solo act and name this newly-formed band Ramsay Fiction. Eventually Steve Marshall and Morgan Hempsted left the band and were replaced by Mike Ayley and Ian Casselman. New members meant a new name, thus Marianas Trench was born. So to answer your question, technically Josh Ramsay was the first member of Marianas Trench.

Why did marianas trench the band pick the name they have?

no one really knows why they named that, maybe a tribute to the deepest part of the ocean I am not sure, but the boys of Marianas Trench are very creative about telling us how they got their name.If you look up "How Marians Trench got their name, you can see some of their answers in their interviews.

What are the names of all the band members in marianas trench?

Josh Ramsay - lead vocals and guitar Matt Webb - back up vocals and guitar Mike Ayley - back up vocals and bass guitar Ian Casstleman - back up vocals and drums

How cold is Marianas Trench?

The bottom of the Mariana trench is about 1 C (34 F). HOPE THIS HELPS!!<3

Did the band Skillet break up?

No, Skillet is still a band.

Did Selena Gomez break up with her band?

yes why she quit her band?

What bands are there similar to the style of Hedley?

There are so many! From my personal self, loving Hedley, I would give out Marianas Trench, Simple Plan, Relient K, The overunder, and so many others! If you really want to get a good feel for similar artists google similar bands to Marianas Trench! Hedley comes up and so do sooo many others!!!!!