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Q: Did the Baroque style flourished in music during the period 1600-1750?
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Who was NOT king during the Baroque period?

Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden was not the king during the baroque period

Who was a scientist during the baroque period?

Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei were both scientists during the baroque period.

What wars were during the baroque period?

In the baroque period, there were wars for over one century!

What did artists paint in the Baroque period?

The Baroque period was during the 17th and 18th centuries. Much of the art was Christian.

Man or women in baroque clothes?

Both men and women during the Baroque period wore Baroque styled clothing. This was just what was acceptable during that time.

The music director of a court in the baroque period did what?

George Frideric Handle is an artist that commissioned music for the Baroque period. Another composer that worked during the Baroque period was Antonio Vivaldi.

What time period was bach?

He lived during the Baroque Period, and the year of his death, 1750, marked its end, and the beginning of the Classical Period.

What do you call a church sonata during the baroque period?


Was the piano invented during the Baroque Period?

nope :D

What feature of harmony disappears during the baroque period?

It is often said that counterpoint disappeared during the Baroque period, but some feel it simply faded away for awhile. During that period, harmony became much more orderly and organized.

Which of these statements is false The Catholic and Protestant churches worked together to support composers during the Baroque period?

The Catholic and Protestant churches worked together to support composers during the Baroque period.

What did people do for living in the baroque era?

People during the baroque period worked for this time period, usually worked for the king. Most people that worked were peasents.