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Q: Did sele Gomez have bad school years?
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What kind of childhood did Selena gomez have?

it was good and bad selena gomez was bullied alot in school and she got cheered up by demi lovato (her BFF)

Has Selena gomez gone bad?

no selena gomez is good

Did Selena Gomez Gomez mother get miscarriage?

yes it was very bad

Did selena gomez do anything bad?


How was Taylor swifts school years like?

bad, she was bullied

Is middle school the worst years of your life fiction?

if your teachers are mean in middle school that when you have the worst years or if you are behaving bad at school. if your teaches are nice that is when you are going to have the best years of your life.

Is Selena Gomez a bad kisser?

no she is good

Is Selena gomez a great singer?

She's not great, but not really bad either. For more information, look up: Is Selena Gomez a bad singer?

How is Selena Gomez mom?

She is doing bad hun

Is selena gomez a bad influence for kids?

Not at all.

Is Selena Gomez a bad influence on children?


Who would you rather have on your MLB team Gomez or Nick Punto?

Gomez is cool but probably bad at sports... Punto