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I'm guessing good breath but it's kinda wierd that you asked that 0-o

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Q: Does Selena Gomez have bad breath or good breath?
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How many real tattoos does Selena Gomez have?

It has been said that Selena Gomez may have a few piercings, but no really bad piercings, because she still wants to be a great role model for children to adore and try to be like.

Did salina Gomez merry Justin Bieber?

Although You're Spelling is Absolutely Bad And Terrible! Justin BIEBER did Not MARRY SELENA GOMEZ. They are currently Dating ONLY.

Why did Selena Gomez have cuss words in her album when the sun goes down?

She doesn't. All her songs are clean. She a very down to earth pop star and ignore all the rumors of her that are bad, they aren't true.EDITEDIt is known that Selena Gomez has used only one bad word ever in her song. Read the lyrics of "Hit The Lights" Sung by Selena Gomez and you'll know what the word is.

Is Selena Gomez evil?

No, she doesn't. She does not smoke, or drink. She does not use computerized voice box. She used drugs,said she hated america and she has sex with old guys and she licked donuts and people baught them from a bakery

Why do you admire and remember Selena gomez?

from what i know selena gomez is kinda decent and shes a good singer and shes pretty and another person got those same qualities and that person is demi lavato her best friend even though demi lavato has cut herself and done some other stuff its because they used to bully her in school so she started cutting her self when she was 11 i dont know y.but were here to talk about selena gomez so ima say stuff about selena gomez selena is kind shes pretty also demi some people like to say bad stuff about her and thats just mean cause she didnt do nothing to you and they say shes ugly but its not true and if you read this selena dont believe what people say about you cause your a good person your pretty you got all the qualities to be a model and an actress which you are.

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Has Selena gomez gone bad?

no selena gomez is good

Is Selena Gomez a bad kisser?

no she is good

What kind of childhood did Selena gomez have?

it was good and bad selena gomez was bullied alot in school and she got cheered up by demi lovato (her BFF)

Was Selena Gomez childhood good or bad?

It was bad because she was bullied when she was little by the popular kids.

Is Selena Gomez a bad girl?

no,because i believe that she is a very good girl

Is Selena gomez good or bad?

Selena is a person, so you would have to meet her to know her to really be able to love or hate her.

Did selena gomez do anything bad?


Is Selena Gomez bad?

Shes a good person well from my opinion but some people thinks shes bad.

Has Selena Gomez done anything good?

yes selena is very good but miley is very bad becuase she and her freind did a mean video about selena and demi but selena didnt do anything for her and miley is showing of so much i hate her so much

Did Selena Gomez Gomez mother get miscarriage?

yes it was very bad

Why did Selena Gomez make a rude bad moive called spring breakers when she is good?

In the movie she's good..

Is Selena gomez a great singer?

She's not great, but not really bad either. For more information, look up: Is Selena Gomez a bad singer?