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yes they did

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Q: Did josh server and alisa Reyes date?
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Which All That cast members were on Figure It Out?

All That members that have appeared on "Figure It Out" are Alisa Reyes, Lori Beth Denberg, Amanda Bynes, Danny Tamberelli, Kevin Kopelow, Josh Server, Christy Knowings, Leon Frierson, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell and Mark Saul.

When did the show 'All that' end?

all that was a nickelodeon show that started in 1994, and ended in 2005. and just for a fact, josh server was the only original cast member to last all of the seasons. the 1994 cast was: lori beth denberg, alisa reyes, katrina johnson, kel mitchel, kenan thompson, josh server, and there was this other colored girl. i love this show very much and know a lot. the cast changed dramatically every season. all that was probably my favorite show growing up as a kid. kenan and kel was a good show too!

What is Josh Server's birthday?

Josh Server was born on April 11, 1979.

When was Josh Server born?

Josh Server was born on April 11, 1979.

How old is Josh Server?

Josh Server is 32 years old (birthdate: April 11, 1979).

Who invented the nutcracker -from josh Reyes who goes to bms praire in barrigton IL?

his name is Henry Marcus Quackenbush also invented the extension ladder bathroom shelf -from josh Reyes who goes to bms praire in barrigton IL

What actors and actresses appeared in The Fridge - 2005?

The cast of The Fridge - 2005 includes: Josh Cannon as The Killer Sherrie Reyes as The Cook Derrick Reyes as The Victim

What is Josh Server known for?

Josh Server is a well known actor and comedian. He is best known for being the only actor that was in every season of the Nickelodeon show All That.

Which episode of Drake and Josh was Josh server a guest star in?

Season three episode of "The Theater Thug"

What is Josh franceschi's date of birth?

josh franceschi's date of birth is 1st September 1990 This is incorrect. His date of birth is 7 August 1990.

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