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Randy Orton is married and has a daughter and John Cena is apparantly engaged

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No. That has never happened.

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Cena and Randy did kiss before on video. I saw them kissing before.

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Q: Did john cena kiss Randy Orton?
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Did John Cena kiss maria?

They never went out. John Cena only kissed her because she was talking to much. He got annoyed and kissed her. One kiss doesn't mean they are dating. Unless they kiss alot of times. They are not dating! Get that through your skulls. He is dating Mickie James now. For goodness sake he had her underwear. September 05, 2008 No they have never dated it was storyline only

Does it hurt to do the 5 knuckle shuffle?

john cena what your name i net to now im your spuber fane you r cool i like your t tricht green is cool is all ways is my forvite coloer ha my mane i like you be my brother with me be my chamtney im her all day i done with school i see you on raw live you stay on raw ever monday nihgt john cena i now your marry with you like that kiss your wife for you you r good hasben good mane to me

Did john cean kiss torrie Wilson?

yes when they was dateing

Why did Randy Orton gave Stacy Keibler the RKO if Randy loves her?

Because its fake and not real so really she didn't get hurt it was just a storyline and the wwe was trying to make it more interesting by the story-lines because to make it more real. He also never loved her he just did it to elevate his heel status.

Did mark st john of kiss have a makeup design?

St. John did not have any makeup with his reign in KISS (1982-'83). Paul and Gene didn't want the public to know Frehley was leaving yet, so St. John wasn't featured on album covers. Also, he was in KISS during the time they took of their makeup for the first time. The only music video St. John was in was, Heaven's on Fire.

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Did Randy Orton kiss kely kely?


Did cena ever kiss kelly kelly?

no, randy orton actually confirmed that in an interview! He said Kelly Kelly had been with a lot of wwe superstars but Cena, who is "happily married" wasnt one of them!

Did Randy Orton kiss maryse before?


Watch the john cena and maria kiss?

youtube john cena and maria kiss

When did Randy Orton kiss maryse?

Awesome I never now that they have kissing

Did kelly kelly kiss randy ortan?

No. Randy Orton is happily married and is not in any relationship with Kelly

Is John Cena married with kids?

John Cena is married but he does not have kids.

Did aj lee kiss john cena?

Yes He Did

Did john Cena kiss Melina?

No John cena never ever kissed Melina he only kissed Maria, Mickie.

Did John Cena kiss Eve Torres?

Yes, they kissed.

Did john cena really kiss maria and Mickie?


Where did the frenchamerican kiss come from?

Jacques Chirac and John Cena.