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Two of his nicknames are "Terror of the Gulf", and "Gentleman Pirate"

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Q: Did jean lafitte have a nickname?
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Did jean lafitte have a park for him?

yes jean lafitte did have a park made for him

Was jean Lafitte American or British?

Pirate Jean Lafitte was neither American or British. He was French.

Was Jean Lafitte ever married or have a lover?

Yes Jean Lafitte did get married on 1850 and had children

What has the author Jean Baptiste Pierre Lafitte written?

Jean Baptiste Pierre Lafitte has written: 'Les Sybarites'

What bad things did Jean Lafitte do?

He stole jewels and other treasuresPiracy is not good but Jean Lafitte was a pirate.

Which Pirates lived in Louisiana?

Jean Lafitte.

In the movie Les Miserables who is lafitte?

Monsieur Lafitte is the name taken by Jean Valjean to hide his identity.

What did Jean Lafitte In Galveston Have to do with Stewart Mansion in Galveston?

Legend has it that Jean Lafitte buried treasure at or near Stewart's Mansion. None has ever been found.

Where were Jean Lafitte's headquarters?

He was out in Nacodougas, Texas in 1778

Where is the Louisiana Marine Fisheries Museum in Lafitte Louisiana located?

The address of the Louisiana Marine Fisheries Museum is: 580 Jean Lafitte Blvd, Lafitte, LA 70067

What was the name of Jean Lafitte's boat?

The Pride

Why did jean lafitte come to Texas?

to set up headquaters in galveston.