Did hao kiss Anna

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, Anna slapped him before he got any closer...

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Q: Did hao kiss Anna
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Why does hao love Anna?

It was stated that Anna might be a "recarnation" of Hao's mother.

Did Hao and Anna date in Shaman King manga?

No, but Hao ( or Zeke ) did feel something to Anna, whilst Anna wa in love with Yoh Asakura ( Hao/Zeke 's brother )

When does Hao show up in shaman king?

Hao shows up in episode 39 that when he meets Anna

In shaman king what episode did Anna meet hao?

in episode 39.

Who is Anna Kyoyama?

Anna Kyoyama is a very powerful Itako (spirit medium). She can summon spirits even from heaven and hell. She is really cruel and bossy. She also trains Yoh Asakura. Mostly she summons spirits from heaven and sends them into hell, how cruel. Her biggest enemy is Hao Asakura. But Hao trusts Anna.



What chapter did yoh kiss Anna on Shaman king?

Yoh kisses Anna in Chapter 285 of the "Shaman King" manga series.

Does Anna kiss Yoh in the manga series Shaman King?

It can be suggested that she does (but it is not shown)

What does Ni hao ma bu hao bu hao mean?

'ni hao ma' means 'how are you' and 'bu hao' means 'not good'

Why did Josh and Anna Duggar wait until the wedding to kiss for the first time?

It is their beliefs.

How do you say hi and how are you in Chinese?

Ni hao Ni hao bu hao

Is Hao Gian a weirdo?

Hao is the best person ever he is not a weirdo. HAO IS THE BEST!!!!!!!