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Q: Did future steal rich homie quan album?
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Do rich homie quan and future have beef?

Yes, because Future stole his ''flow''. See Quan and Future was cell mates, and Quan taught Future how to sing and rap like him. Future was release fom prison and startedd on his first album '' Streets Calling''.

What is Rich Homie Quan's occupation?

Rich Homie Quan is a/an Rapper,singer,songwriter

What is rich homie quan cell phone number?

Call rich homie quan

When is Rich Homie Quan's birthday?

Rich Homie Quan was born on October 4, 1989

When was Rich Homie Quan born?

Rich Homie Quan was born on October 4, 1989

Who is the best rapper in the US today?

well its Rich Homie Jon hands down, he has plenty hits. I cant really see who's better than him. Rich Homie Quan made a diss about him, and Rich Homie Jon and Future came back and Rich Homie Quan retired from rapping.

Is rich homie quan gay?


What is rich homie quans phone number?

Call rich homie quan

Who is Dequantes Lamar?

Dequantes Lamar is the real birth-name of an American rapper who is known by the stage name "Rich Homie Quan".

Did rich homie quan retire?

yes in 2013

Is rich homie quan a vicelord?

Yes Yes

What is rich homie quan and young thug real phone number?

Personal information is not revealed