Did criss angle die or not?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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No, Criss Angel is not dead. He is alive & well living in his house, Serenity, or when he is preforming, he stays in the President's Suite @ the Luxor.

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Q: Did criss angle die or not?
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How did criss angle die?

Criss Angel is still alive. he did not die. lol his shows are still airing and he is making new episodes

Is Criss Angle Gay?

NO CRISS ANGLE IS NOT A GAY he has a girlfriend thank u (HE PRETTY CUTE 2)

Were does peter criss live?

Criss angle/peter Criss lives in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania and that is all i can say.

What college did Criss Angle attended?

Criss Angel didn't go to college

Is Criss angle reall?


Does Criss Angle have any kids?


Is Criss Angle married?

I dont think that cris angle is married

Does criss angle have a little girl?

no WAY!

What is Criss Angle's address?

Criss lives at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas,but send mail to him here- Criss Angel (not "Angle") c/o Jason Verona 9465 Wilshire Blvd. 6th floor Beverly Hills.CA,90212

Who is Angledust?

dude you mush love him(criss angle) And also him but there out of the question. thanks from your fan criss (blc is my name)

When did Francis Criss die?

Francis Criss died in 1973.

When did Sonny Criss die?

Sonny Criss died in 1977.