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No, why would you ask that? he's simply just a gorgeous man.

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Q: Did billie joe Armstrong of greenday have plastic surgery done on his face?
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Who IS The Lead Singer For GreenDay?

Billie Joe Armstrong

Who is the lead guitarist of greenday?

Billie Joe Armstrong

What's the lead singer from greenday?

Billie Joe Armstrong

Who all plays greenday?

billie joe armstrong, trey cool, and mike dirnt

Is Robert Pattinson hoter than billie joe Armstrong from greenday?

No, of course not! Billie joe is the hottest man alive!!

What does dreaming about Billie Joe Armstrong mean?

Um..Well it depends on if you like the band Greenday...

What is the one with the black hair out of greenday called?

Billie Joe Armstrong (yeah, i kno... he is hot)

Who wrote tune in Tokyo by greenday?

billie joe Armstrong (lead singer) writes most of the lyrics

Who sings greenday?

Billie Joe Armstrong, Singer. Mike Dirnt, bass player. Tre Cool,drums.

Who are the people in greenday?

Greenday is made up of Lead Vocalist/ Guitar/Piano - Billie Joe Armstrong Vocalist/Bass - Mike Dirnt and Drums/Percussion - Tre Cool

What instruments do greenday play?

vocals + guitar (billie joe armstrong) drums (tre cool) bass (mike dirnt)

What are the names of the band Greenday?

Billie Joe Armstrong Mike Dirnt Tre Cool John Kiffmeyer (Former member)