Did Van Helsing love Anna Valarious?

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Yes, or it appears they did. Which made the ending very sad, considering he killed her.

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Q: Did Van Helsing love Anna Valarious?
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Related questions

Who plays Anna Valarious in Van Helsing?

Kate Beckinsale

Anna Valarious in Van Helsing?

is a fat ugly bitchass woman who kicks vampires' ass

How does Van Helsing kill Anna in Van Helsing?

When Van Helsing is in his Werewolf form, Anna has the antidote and runs at him to inject it into him, which is when Van Helsing also runs at her and she hits her head on a chair. Van Helsing then turns back into a human and he has realised he has killed Anna. So by her saving him, he killed her by an accident.

Did Van Helsing like Anna?

Yes. Throughout the film Van Helsing, they appeared to fall in love. So at the end when he kills her by an accident it is very sad.

What actors were in Van Helsing?

Van Helsing - Hugh Jackman Anna Valerious - Kate Beckinsale Dracula - Richard Roxburgh

Who do Van Helsing and Anna find beneath?

The Frankenstein Monster.

How did Anna die in van helsing?

Van Helsing is a horror film that starred Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, and Richard Roxburgh in 2004. Kate Beckinsale's character Anna died when Van Helsing was werewolf and killed her on accident while she was trying to cure him.

What is the name of Kate Beckinsale's character in 'Van Helsing'?

Anna Valerious

What is the name of the actress in Van Helsing?

Anna is played by Kate Beckinsale.

Who played the girl in Van Helsing?

Anna was played by Kate Beckinsale.

Who is a main character in Van Helsing?

Well the name gives it away... Van Helsing played by Hugh Jackman, and Anna played by Kate Beckinsale.

Who plays Van Helsing in Van Helsing?

Hugh Jackman played Van Helsing. Kate Beckinsale plyed Anna Velirious. Richard Roxburgh played Dracula. David Wenham played Carl. These are the main characters.

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