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Aleera, the youngest bride of Dracula. she is played by Elena Anaya. Aleera is the most clever, that's why she lasts the longest. she is the most fierce, and strong and holds a particular grudge against Anna, especially when she dances with Dracula at the masquerade ball

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Q: Who is the red head vampire in van helsing?
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Is van helsing a vampire?

No Van Helsing is a vampire hunter

Dracula's enemy Van Helsing?

Van helsing is a vampire killer

Who are the killers in Stan helsing?

Vampires. van Helsing is a vampire killer.

Who is the most feared vampire hunter?

It depends on which literature one looks at. In the Classic Vampire Mythos the most feared Vampire Hunter would clearly be Abraham Van Helsing, after all he was the first real Vampire Hunter. Others to consider are Gabriel Van Helsing (no relation), Alucard (From the Helsing Manga), Blade (from the Marvel 'Verse), and Rayne from the BloodRayne series.

This actress played a Nurse a Vampire slayer a Vampire?

Kate Beckinsale played a nurse in Pearl Harbor (2001), a vampire in Underworld (2003), and a vampire killer in Van Helsing (2004).

How did Anna die in van helsing?

Van Helsing is a horror film that starred Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, and Richard Roxburgh in 2004. Kate Beckinsale's character Anna died when Van Helsing was werewolf and killed her on accident while she was trying to cure him.

What is the first name of van helsing in the film van helsing?


Who has played Van Helsing?

Van Helsing was played by Hugh Jackman.

What is van helsing about?

The movie Van Helsing gives us a struggle between Van Helsing, the fearless vampire killer, and count Dracula, the vampire; this is a much more elaborate version of the story told originally by Bram Stoker in his famous novel Dracula. In this movie werewolves and the Frankenstein monster also get involved. It is almost a summation of all the monster movies of the 1950's (except that there is no mummy).

When was Rachel van Helsing created?

Rachel van Helsing was created in 1972.

When was Abraham Van Helsing created?

Abraham Van Helsing was created in 1897.

When was Van Helsing released?

Van Helsing was released on 05/07/2004.