Did Tupac like eminem

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Tupac was before Eminem's time as a rapper. Tupac was shot dead in 1996 and Eminem's first real album was not released until 1999.

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Q: Did Tupac like eminem
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Who had the worst childhood Eminem or Tupac?


Eminem or Tupac?

Eminem fo sho

Does Tupac know eminem?

Tupac never even knew Eminem existed when he was alive.. Em wasn't famous till tupac died

Who is a better rapper eminem or Tupac?

This is completely opinional. Eminem has sold more albums. My personal opinion is Eminem, though Tupac is still a legend. my opinion as best would be tupac

Who sold more Tupac or eminem?

tupac i wud sey

Did Tupac respect eminem?


Was Eminem affiliated with tupac?

Yes, eminem and tupac were connected with eachother. Tupac's song Hennesy proves that, if you listen to the song, the background says simply "shady records".

Are eninem and Tupac friends?

They never met eminem was only a fan of tupac

Who sold more albums eminem or Tupac?

Eminem has sold more albums. Eminem has sold around 86.5 million albums worldwide. Tupac has sold around 78 million albums worldwide. This puts Eminem around 6.5 million albums ahead of Tupac.

Did Eminem say tupac is the best?

yeah. I think eminem best tho!

Did Tupac Do Loyal To The Game?

No. It was produced by Eminem

What are all the songs eminem and tupac sang together?

Eminem and Tupac were together on only three songs due to Tupac's death in 1996 and Eminem's starting out as a rapper only 4 years prior in 1992. Each song was released after Tupac's death. The first song is "One Day at a Time (Em's Version)" off of Tupac's 2004?Tupac: Resurrection?soundtrack. The other two are off of the 2004 album Loyal to the Game, "Soldier Like Me" and "Black Cotton".

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