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They had a baby girl and named it Eva Luna.

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Q: Did Sharon and Robert from within temptation have a baby?
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What name did Sharon tate pick for a baby girl?

Sharon Tate's unborn baby boy (who died with her) was posthumously named Paul Richard Polanski. She didn't have a daughter.

Who is the real father of Sharons baby on young and the restless?

Nick is the father of Sharon's baby.

Was Sharon Tate's baby cut out of her?

Sharon Tate's baby, a full term boy later named Paul, was not removed from his mother by the killers. One of the killers, Susan Atkins I believe, wanted to take the baby but thought there was not enough time. This may have been how the rumor started and to this day many people think the baby was cut out of Sharon.

Did killers cut out Sharon tates baby?

No they didnt. Sharons baby was removed during the autospy.

Do Sandy Corzine and Sharon Case have a new baby?

No children

Did Sharon Watts have a baby in eastenders?

No i dont think so

Has actress Sharon small had her baby?

She has had two sons, Leo and Zac.

Was Sharon tate's baby alive at the time of her death?

I don't know how long this question has been lying around but I can't belive that no one has answered it yet. And isn't it obvious? Of course Sharon's baby was ALIVE at the time of her death. The baby was growing, breathing, moving in her womb all the way up to the moment she was killed. The baby died once Sharon died and all of the oxygen she was breathing no longer went to the baby. What a horrible thing. What a waste.

Do Kristen and Robert have a baby?

Yes they are having a baby?

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NO!!! She's having a baby with me bitches. i think that you are wrong she is not having a baby with this person that posted it. she is having a baby with Robert though! :)