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Robert Ford

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Q: Who is jessica baby father on one life to live?
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Is brody the father of jessica's baby on One Life to Live?

no it is Ford

Is ford the father of Jessica's baby really?

if you are talkng about one life to live then yes but at first jessica's dad messed the test up so jessica would marry brody and have a happy family

Jessica's father on one life to live?

Clint. vicki's husbandAnswerMitch Laurence is Jessica's biological father, although she considers Clint Buchanan her real "dad."

How are Starr Mannng and Jessica Buchanan related on One Live to Life?

Todd is Starr's father who is viki's brother. viki is jessica's mom so they are cousins

How are Starr manning and Jessica bucahan related on one life to live?

Starr Manning's father is Todd Manning,(Vicki's half Brother) who is Jessica's Uncle, so they are cousins.

Why did Jessica from snsd left?

Jessica wanted to live her own life, and that included starting a fashion line and marrying.

How long does a baby jaguar live with its father?

The baby jaguar never knows its father. Only the mother cares for the young.

Is John the father of Natalie's baby on One Life To Live?

Yes, but Clint paid a worker from BE to change the results for his daughter's paternity test to put Brody as the father. Clint was referring to the issue between Jessica, Brody, and Ford, but little did he know Natalie had questions about her baby daddy too. So when the worker saw that John was the father, he changed it to Brody, as Clint ordered because Clint didn't specify Jessica. He just said his daughter, which can be found under B (Jessica Buchanan), but Natalie was listed under B too (Banks). Since Banks comes before Buchanan, the worker saw Natalie's and changed it right away (he was extremely nervous the entire time and assumed Clint meant Natalie). This is why Natalie thinks Brody is her baby-daddy.

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Jessica Alba's child Honor Marie Warren does NOT live with Jessica Alba, she live with her agent.

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The baby is still half yours, whether you barely know the father or not. Do as your consicience tells you, and live the rest of your life with your decision. And remember that the same decision had to be made about you once.

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yea you will be the father and the baby will live with mother

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