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Q: Did Robert McAllister die on brothers and sisters?
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When did Robert brothers die?

Robert brothers died in 1828.

When did Danny McAllister die?

Danny McAllister died in 2008.

When did Bob McAllister die?

Bob McAllister died in 1998.

When did Ward McAllister die?

Ward McAllister died in 1895.

When did McAllister Lonnon die?

McAllister Lonnon died in 1999.

When did Sandy McAllister die?

Sandy McAllister died in 1914.

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No Leonardo didnt have any sisters. It was just him and his parents

When did Thomas Stanislaus McAllister die?

Thomas Stanislaus McAllister died in 1950.

When did Addams Stratton McAllister die?

Addams Stratton McAllister died in 1946.

When did Samuel McAllister die?

Samuel McAllister died on 1903-12-13.

When did Thomas Francis McAllister die?

Thomas Francis McAllister died in 1976.

When did Paul McAllister die?

Paul McAllister died on 1955-07-08.