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Q: Did Richard Bassett have a family?
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When was Richard Bassett born?

Richard Bassett was born on 1745-04-02.

When did Richard Bassett die?

Richard Bassett died on 1815-08-15.

When was Bassett Family House created?

Bassett Family House was created in 1844.

Who is Richard Bassett?

He is the brother of Cadbury Trebor Bassett. Cadbury Trebor Bassett invent Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate.

Did Richard Bassett own slaves?

Yes, Richard Bassett did own slaves. He was a prominent Delaware politician and judge who owned slaves on his estate.

What state did Richard Bassett repesent?


What has the author Richard AE Tilney-Bassett written?

Richard A.E Tilney-Bassett has written: 'Plant chimeras' -- subject(s): Plant genetics, Mosaicism

What has the author Richard Bassett written?

Richard Bassett has written: 'The Open Eye in Learning' 'Balkan Hours' 'A guide to Central Europe' -- subject(s): Guidebooks

How old was Richard Bassett at The Constitutional Convention?

He was 42 years of age.

Who is in carling kathrin's family?

Bassett married Isabel Bassett in 1970. He had six children: John F., Doug and David from an earlier marriage and Avery, Sarah and Matthew from his marriage to Isabel. In the 1970s, son John F. Bassett was also the owner of the Toronto Toros, a hockey team in the World Hockey Association. Former tennis star Carling Bassett-Seguso is the daughter of John F. Bassett.

What is Richard Bassett's view on slavery?

Richard Bassett didn't have any extreme views on slavery and if he had mild ones, they are unknown. it is known, however, that he made a point of feeding his slaves before himself. almost 100% if the time he fed them rosemary chicken. It is also rumored that he was having an extra-marital affair with one of his gardener slaves.

Where is the Bassett Branch in Bassett located?

The address of the Bassett Branch is: 3969 Fairystone Park Highway, Bassett, 24055 6041