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Carter Bassett Harrison died in 1808.

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Q: When did Carter Bassett Harrison die?
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When was Carter Bassett Harrison born?

Carter Bassett Harrison was born in 1756.

When did Carter Henry Harrison I die?

Carter Henry Harrison I died in 1793.

William Henry he was the son of?

William Henry Harrison was the son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Bassett Harrison

Who was Benjamin Harrison constitution 7 kids?

Benjamin Harrison who was one of the signers of the U.S. Constitution, was married to his second cousin Elizabeth Bassett. They had 7 children together named Elizabeth, Anna, Benjamin V1, Lucy, Carter, Sarah and William Henry.

When was Carter Henry Harrison I born?

Carter Henry Harrison I was born in 1727.

When was Carter Harrison Sr. born?

Carter Harrison Sr. was born on February 15, 1825.

What were William Harrison childrens names?

Assume you're talking about the 9th President of the US: Elizabeth Bassett 9/29/1796 John Cleves Symmes 10/28/1798 Lucy Singleton 9/5/1800 William Henry 9/3/1802 John Scott 10/4/1804 Benjamin 5/5/1806 Mary Symmes 1/22/1809 Carter Bassett 10/26/1811 Anna Tuthill 10/28/1813 James Findlay died in infancy

What is Carter Harrison Sr.'s birthday?

Carter Harrison Sr. was born on February 15, 1825.

When did Walter Bassett die?

Walter Bassett died in 1978.

When did Charlie Bassett die?

Charlie Bassett died in 1896.

When did Ann Bassett die?

Ann Bassett died in 1956.

When did Edward Bassett die?

Edward Bassett died in 1948.