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No the girl just looked like Regina king ?

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yes he did

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Q: Did Regina King star in Michael Jackson's Remember the Time video?
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Michael Jacksons newest song?

this is it. there was no music video made for it.

Was Quincy Jones in Michael jacksons Bad video?

No Quincy wasn't in any of Michael's videos.

Michael Jackson video with Eddie Murphy?

Remember The Time, and Michael was in Eddie's video for Whatzupwitu.

Was Kris kross in Michael jacksons vid?

Yep... They sure were. In the Jam video they made a cameo.

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Watch the movie Moonwalker

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In Germany it´s rated age 16!

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How old was Michael Jackson in the video remember the time?

The music video was recorded in January of 1992, Which means Michael would have been 34 years old.

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Remember the Time.

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Beautiful Egyptian clothes.