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Lois Mailou Jones got married with ramonad jones. And they played all night. and make love for examples sex.

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yes she did she had two children. one in 1960 and 1963. a boy and a girl: James and jessica. they preferred to have the last name Jones.

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Q: Did Lois Mailou Jones have children?
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Who is Mailou Jones?

Lois Mailou Jones is an old Renaissance painter.Born November 3,1905.

What has the author Lois Mailou Jones written?

Lois Mailou Jones was an American artist and educator known for her vibrant paintings showcasing African and Caribbean themes. While she was primarily recognized as a visual artist, Jones did not write any books.

What is Lois mailou Jones's style?

Her style is Renaissance

Did Lois Mailou Jones have brothers and sisters?

yes, she had one brother

What mediums did Lois mailou Jones use?

Lois Mailou Jones primarily worked in mediums such as oil painting, watercolor, and printmaking. She was known for her vibrant and colorful artwork that often featured themes of African and Caribbean culture.

What were Lois mailou Jones accomplishments?

Lois Mailou Jones was an influential artist known for her contributions to the Harlem Renaissance and her work in African American art. She was known for her vibrant and expressive paintings that often depicted themes of identity, culture, and heritage. Jones was also a pioneer for African American artists, breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations.

Do Lois mailou Jones have a famous quote?

Lois Mailou Jones, an influential artist, did not have a well-known quote attributed to her. She was renowned for her vibrant and diverse body of work that often depicted scenes from her travels and experiences. Jones broke barriers in the art world as an African-American woman and inspired many with her talent and creativity.

One of the renaissances most important painters?

The Harlem Renaissance is known for producing a variety of famous writers, musicians, and painters. Some of the most important painters of the Harlem Renaissance were Jacob Lawrence, Lois Mailou Jones, and Aaron Douglass.

What has the author Lois M Jones written?

Lois M. Jones has written: 'Kissin' cousins, Mayo/Jones'

How many children does Lois Lowry have?

Lois Lowry has four children.

Did Lois Lowry ever have children?

Lois's children are Alix,Bengamin, and 2 more children.

What is the birth name of Lois Collier?

Lois Collier's birth name is Jones, Madelyn.