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It is a children's book.

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Q: What is the genre for Movie for Dogs by Lois Duncan?
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What is the genre of news for dogs by Lois Duncan?

It's humor and mystery.

Did DreamWorks buy the book Hotel for Dogs from Lois duncan?

Lois Duncan wrote the original book "Hotel For Dogs."

Who wrote the book Hotel for Dogs?

Hotel for Dogs was written by Lois Duncan and published in 1971.

What is the birth name of Lois Duncan?

Lois Duncan's birth name is Lois Duncan Steinmetz.

When was Lois Duncan born?

Lois Duncan was born on April 28, 1934.

What is Lois Duncan's birthday?

Lois Duncan was born on April 28, 1934.

When did Lois Duncan die?

As of November 2012, Lois Duncan is currently still alive.

What was the resolution of ransom by Lois duncan?

Ransom by Lois Duncan is in the house in the forest

Who dies in ransom by Lois duncan?

In Ransom by Lois Duncan, the only person who dies is Buck.

Is Lois duncan dead?


What is Lois duncan's style of writing?

Lois duncan writes horror fiction, and suspenseful mysteries for teens and adults

Is Lois duncan still alive?

Yes she is still alive! She currently made that movie "hotel for dogs". She is, i think, 75 years old? ha ha I'm not that sure, but I know she is still alive :D