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yeah they are dating u should know he did give her a giant teddy bear that say ed i love u in a love heart

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Q: Did Justin Bieber kiss Taylor swift?
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When did Justin bieber kiss Taylor swift?

yes he did

Did justin bieber really kiss taylor swift?

No, the photo's were photoshopped.

Who did Justin Bieber kiss while dating Selena Gomez?

Taylor Swift

Did Justin Bieber tongue kiss Taylor swift?

yea! of course they did they where going out u know

Whice singer do just Bieber want to kiss?

taylor swift

Will Justin Bieber kiss you?

yes he will cus he loves Taylor prange

How do you kiss Justin Bieber?

Kissing Justin BieberBefore you can kiss Justin Bieber, you must first meet him.

When did Justin Bieber had his first kiss?

Justin Bieber's first kiss was when he was 13 years old.

At what age did Justin bieber get his first kiss?

Justin Bieber had his first kiss at the age of 13.

When is the first kiss of Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber had his first kiss was when he 13 years old.:)

Would Justin Bieber kiss a girl if she is a bad kisser?

Justin Bieber isn't going to kiss you

Has Justin Bieber had his first kiss yet?

Yes. Justin Bieber confirmed that he had his first kiss when he was thirteen.