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ITS OVER!!!!!!!

Yeah he broke up with her because he was going on tour and he wouldn't be able to see her.


Justin and Caitlin broke up in the beginning of his career because the long distance relationship didn't work out. Justin and Caitlin are still good friends but nothing more for now.

no caitlin beadles broke up with him

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no actually he broke up with her.

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Q: Did Justin Bieber break up with Caitlin Beadles?
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Did Justin Bieber still like Caitlin beadles after break up?

he likes her as a friend

What day did Justin Bieber break up with Caitlin beadles?

Justin broke up with Caitlin because he would be too busy and won't be able to see her enough

How did Caitlin beadles break her leg?

Caitlin Beadles broke her leg when Justin Bieber accidently ran over it when he was in a boat. I think she fell off the boat and he was turning round to get her back on.

When did Justin Bieber and cailtin beadles break up?

Justin Bieber and Caitlin Beadles broke up because he was moving from Atlanta to California and they thought since he would become so busy with tours and his music it was just easier to break up.

Did Justin Bieber and Caitlyn Beadles break-up?

yes they broke up but Caitlin said on her myspace that she still loves him.they were perfect for each other

Why did Caitlin and Justin Bieber break up?

Because of Justin's career

Will Justin Bieber break up with Caitlin?

he already did.

Why did Justin Bieber break up with caitlyn beadles?

drama. and cheating.

How did Justin Biebers girlfriend break up with him?

when Justin bieber moved to atlanta (hometown of Caitlin) he met Caitlin beadles. After almost a year of dating ,while Justin was starting his musical career, Justin broke up with Caitlin because he would be too busy with his music and touring to date her. Now though, Justin and Caitlin have remained really good friends. Justin is also very good friends with caitlins younger brother, christian beadles who makes youtube videos under the username of 'christianbeadles'.

Who is That Should Be Me by Justin Bieber about?

Justin Bieber's Hit song That Should Be Me is about his latest relationship breakup with Caitlin Beadles. It's about that how they had to break up because of he had to tour, as he's a singer, but Caitlin didn't want a boyfriend that always had to leave to either record a new single or to tour, but they never really wanted to breakup!

When did Justin Bieber break up with Caitlin Beadles?

ya hes now goin out wit kelsey horton i luv u Justin from : Mariah;]2nd answer: Yes he did break up with Caitlin Beadles but he's not going out with anyone...yet. He's looking for his perfect girl now ;)I've heard 2 different reasons.1- she was too bossy2- he was going on tour

How did Justin bieber and Caitlin beadles break up?

I heard they were talking on the phone and got in an argument and Justin said, "I don't want to be with you anymore!" and then Caitlin cried. Justin said, "I had that stomach pain for a couple days, but I knew it was the right choice." Don't worry though, theyre still homies!