Did Ellen discover Justin Bieber

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In 2008 he was discovered by a talent manager, due to his YouTube videos. He released his first album in November 2009, and had his television debut performance on Ellen Nov. 3rd 2009, right before the release of his album. He has said several times that his first album would not have been nearly as successful, if it had not been for the opportunity to perform on her show, to promote the release of it. To this day, he makes regular appearances on her show and always thanks her for giving him his start, so to speak, and tells her the opportunity she gave him to do his debut television performance on her show, is the main reason he is where he is today. She main not have been the one to discover him directly but she most certainly is the reason he is as popular as he is now. Just watch her show any time he appears on it and he'll openly talk about how grateful he is to her.

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Q: Did Ellen discover Justin Bieber
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no scooter braun discovered justin bieber

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A young manager discovered Justin Bieber named, Scooter Braun. He was discovered because Scooter Braun got his attention on Justin Bieber. He was amazed of Justin Bieber's performance.

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