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Yes They had a Family Bucket Betwernn Them .

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Q: Did Chris Brown and rihanna go to KFC together?
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At KFC in maimai did Chris Brown and rihinna was firting?

Only at kfc in maimai did chris brown and rihinna was firting remember? But at kfc in sanfansisco Caifornia did chrid brown and rihinna was buttseks.

You see that chris brown is with Rihanna and you want to know is they dating?

Yes they are dating. The two have kept their relationship under wraps but the media would just not have it. Countless pictures have been taken of the two and they even went to a KFC location and because of the publicity caused Rihanna was offered a donation to her charity if she would return there with Chris. It is quite official.

Did lil mama date chris brown?

No he is not. He is dating Rihanna right now. There is proof for u disbelievers check the web and you'll c pics of them kissing in KFC. He never did date lil' mama. However there has been rumors they are going to break up because Ciara is in the picture, so no one really knows. chris brown used to be dating lil mama he has broke up with rihanna now sooo, but dat waz tym ago.....

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