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Q: Who is the blonde actress with short hair in the KFC commercials?
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Who is the blonde actress with short hair from the yoplait greek commercial?

Jamie Lee Curtis No, Jamie Lee Curtis is in Activia commercials.

Who is the blonde in the current Kohl's commercial?

The actress that has blonde hair in two General commercials that advertise for low cost auto insurance rates is Carmen Palumbo.

Who was the actress in the sealy mattress commercial in the 1970's with short blonde hair?

Joey Heatherton.

Who is the young actress in the hair club for men commercials?

Maegan eggler

Deceased blonde-hair actress of the 1980's?

Farrah Fawsett

Who is the actress with the short brown hair in the sustenex commercial?

The actress with the short brown hair in the sustenex commercial is Leslie King who lives in Montana. She does commercials and film. You can see more of her work and learn more about her at the Montana Actors Studio website, see Sources and related links section below. (Her hair is now grown out by the way.)

What is the name of the thin actress with short dark hair in commercials for Chicken Fajita Burritos and Toyota and Yogurt Burst Cheerios she is very unusual and striking.?

Isley erfkert

Who is the model for chico's with blonde short hair?


Who is the chico's model with the short blonde hair?


What hair cut does Jamie Lynn Spears have?

she has short brown and blonde hair

Who is the actress with short gray hair in the Lyrica commercial?

The actress with the short grey hair in the 2010 Lyrica commercial is Veronica Cartwright, older sister of actress Angela Cartwright.

Who is the actress on charmed with blonde hair?

If you mean the girl who plays Billie its Kaley Cuoco