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No. But "Sting" who looked a bit like him back in the day was in it.

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Q: Did Billy Idol apear in the movie dune?
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What movie did Elvis Presley drive dune buggy?

"live a little, love a little"

How much money did Dune gross worldwide?

Dune grossed $27,447,471 worldwide.

Is Dune Lee Chapman married?


Is Fatboy Slim's song Weapon of Choice about Dune?

Certainly the line "Walk without rhythm and it won't attract the worm" is a direct lift from the novel and movie Dune. The title and opening line could also easily be from Dune - "Don't be shocked by the tone of my voice. Check out my new weapon, weapon of choice." This seems to refer to the Weirding Voice that the Bene Gesserit used in the book - they could use it as a weapon to control others, incite them to violence, etc. Also, a previous posting says that "If you walk without rhythm, you'll never learn" seems to contradict the idea that the book is a major influence. However, the Fremen could never learn to ride the worms if they "walked without rhythm" all the time - they had to intentionally attract the worm to learn to ride it. IMHO [Previous reply: "That the song in its entirety is about Dune is more difficult to tell. The stanza which features the line from Dune ends with "If you walk without rhythm, you'll never learn". This is not a concept that appears in Dune. Unless you walk without rhythm, you will be eaten by a giant sandworm therefore the idea of never learning as long as you walk without rhythm is basically the opposite of what is the case. If the song was sticking to Dune that line would be "UNLESS you walk without rhythm you'll never learn." So, in my opinion, this line was incorporated from Dune because of its use of the word "rhythm" and not because Weapon Of Choice is a song about Dune."]

Where Does Jabba The Hutt Live?

Jabba the Hutt lives in his palace on The Dune Sea Of TatoonieConstructed in 700 BBY

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Who directed the movie 'Dune'?

David Lynch wrote and directed 'Dune'.

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Dune was released on 12/14/1984.

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What movie did Elvis Presley drive dune buggy?

"live a little, love a little"

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It could be Dune if it's about a movie or Twin Peaks if it's about a tv series. 1990-1991 Twin Peaks (TV series) 1984 Dune

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