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Alice cannot age technically, she is immortal. But she play's (pretends) as a seventeen year old and turns a year older when moving on in high school to a higher grade.

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Bella turns 19 in Breaking Dawn.

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Q: Did Alice just turn 18 19 or 20 in the movie twilight?
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Why was Alice Cullen adopted in the movie twilight?

she wasnt adopted like the others....... As in Carisile didnt turn her....James (the tracker vamp in twilight) turned her....... she had a vision snd saw jasper and then saw them going to the cullens...... Hope that answered your question

What is a good teen book that will probably turn into a movie?

The Twilight Saga

What is Alice Cullen's real sister's full name in 'Twilight'?

Cynthia Brandon is the younger sister of Mary Alice Brandon Cullen Hale [b. 1901] and the mother of a daughter who lives in Biloxi, Mississippi at the time of the 'Twilight' sage happenings. She becomes the favorite of their parents, who end up neither understanding nor appreciating Alice's gift of seeing the future.In essence, Mr. and Mrs. Brandon turn Cynthia into an only child by institutionalizing Alice in a barbaric place. Alice's beauty and gift gain the unwanted attentions of a revoltingly persistent, stalking vampire. But a kind-hearted, unnamed elderly vampire transforms Alice just in time.

Does anyone know of a movie about old people that live in a nursing home that turn into young children at night?

The Twilight Zone: The Movie! Segment 2

What do you do once you beat the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess?

just turn off the wii (or gamecube)

Should the twilight director make the last book into a movie?

I don't believe it would be a wise decision to turn Midnight Sun into a film because it would be a repeat of Twilight but just from another perspective. As hopeful as I am that she will finish the book, I believe it would be pushing her luck to produce a movie from it. *I read the unfinished version of Midnight Sun that is posted on Stephanie Meyers website

In the movie dose Edward Cullen turn Bella into a vampire?

If your talking about the end of Twilight then no he doesn't, he kisses her neck. He changes her in Breaking Dawn.

What is the scientific way to identify twilight?

yeah there is actually... just wait for the sky to turn pink,purple or orange

Does Emmett become mad at any point in the Twilight movie?

No. However, in the novel Twilight, he becomes slighlty annoyed with Edward when Edward doesn't turn up for a baseball game because he is watching Bella sleep.

What did baby turn into Alice in Wonderland?

A pig

What happens at the end of twilight?

if you are talking about the movie what happens is they are at prom and Bella wants edward to turn her into a vampire but edward says she should stay human for now

Who was third to turn into a werewolf in twilight?

Embry Call was the third to turn into a wolf.