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In the movie BOO!! on channel 47 a boy turns in to the boogieman.

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Q: In what movie does an imaginary friend turn into the boogie man?
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Can an imaginary friend turn into a ghost?

Absolutely not. Even if your imaginary friend is based on a person who has died, they can in no way ever possibly turn into a ghost.

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The demon Pasuzu

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How do you get an imaginary friend on sims 3 generations?

Get your sim to have a baby , if your lucky you will get a note in the corner about a special toy. Get the toy from the mail box. When your child grows into a toddler make them play with your toy as much as possible. If your sim has a high enough relationship with it the imaginary friend will age up with your sim. To turn the imaginary friend real either complete an oportunity or reach level 7 of logic and create the imaginary friend metamorphium potion on the catalyst chemestry set.

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There are so many answers to this question, see the Sims 3 website and/or forums for more details about the game.One of the cool features is that when your Sim has a kid a few days later a toy is sent to u in the mail. When your Sims child turns into a toddler it has to play excessively with the Dooley. As the child grows, so does the doll. When your Sim child is a child, the doll becomes a imaginary friend that no one Else can see except the child. If you want the imaginary friend to turn back into a doll, you can click on it and turn it into a doll again. That would be a dumb decision. Your child can interact with it as if it were a real Sim. If u want, you can turn the imaginary friend into a real aim! you have to make a specific potion on the chemistry set in build mode. You have to have a very high relationship with the imaginary friend to give it the potion. You can now marry and have baby's With your imaginary friend because it is now a real Sim! U can still turn him/her back into a doll but that would be idiotic unless u want their relationship and kid erased!!!Edit- that's very true, it sounds interesting:) You can also get your teen Sims to pull pranks on others and I think this is also the expansion pack where you can get all the good objects for your Sim kids, like trees house. you also get a few new outfits.

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Ghost Boy knocking on the window movie?

Salem's Lot. His name was Danny Glick, resently deceased and turned Vampire visiting his friend Mark to turn him to. From the Stephen King novel and circa 1979 tv movie.

What actors and actresses appeared in Turn to a Friend - 1953?

The cast of Turn to a Friend - 1953 includes: Dennis James as Host (1953)