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Yes, in actuality, Alex has cheated on Lisa a few times. But thankfully she's been gracious enough to forgive him.

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Q: Did Alex Gaskarth cheat on his girlfriend?
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Does alex gaskarth have a wife?

No, but he has a girlfriend named lisa ruocco.

Ddoes alex gaskrth have a girlfriend?

Yes and its spelt Gaskarth. :)

Is Alex Gaskarth still together With his girlfriend Lisa as of 2010?

Yes, he is.

Does Alex Gaskarth have a girlfriend in october 2010?

Lisa Noel Ruocco!

Who is Lisa's Alex Gaskarth's ex girlfriend's brother you heard he was in a band?

Mike Ruocco of Cinder Road Yep yep Mike Ruocco from Cinder Road is Alex Gaskarth's girlfriend Lisa's brother.. by the way Alex and Lisa are STILL together..

What is the birth name of Alex Gaskarth?

Alex Gaskarth's birth name is Alexander William Gaskarth.

Does Alex Gaskarth have a girlfriend?

Yes, he has been dating Lisa Ruocco since 2004/2005

What does alex gaskarth look for in a girl?

well the type of girl that's alex gaskarth is looking for is.... everything that his girlfriend LISA is so unfortuantly his taken its sad cuz i lik his hes hot <3

What is Alex Gaskarth dad's name?

Peter Gaskarth

What is alex gaskarths mom's name?

Isabella Gaskarth

What is the name of Alex gaskarth's dead brother?

Daniel Gaskarth

What nicknames does Alex Gaskarth go by?

No. He is just a guitarist in a band.