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Hoodie, Cap, Jeans and Converse :-bd

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Q: How do you dress like Alex gaskarth?
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What is the birth name of Alex Gaskarth?

Alex Gaskarth's birth name is Alexander William Gaskarth.

What is Alex Gaskarth dad's name?

Peter Gaskarth

Does Alex gaskarth have a round head?

No, it doesn't look like it.

What is alex gaskarths mom's name?

Isabella Gaskarth

What is the name of Alex gaskarth's dead brother?

Daniel Gaskarth

Does Alex Gaskarth like Harry Potter?

Yes, very much.

What is the song lullabies by Alex gaskarth?

Its about Alex Gaskarths brother Daniel Gaskarth. He committed suicide in 2004.

What nicknames does Alex Gaskarth go by?

No. He is just a guitarist in a band.

Is alex gaskarth vegetarian?


Does Alex gaskarth do drugs?

no he does not

What instrument does alex gaskarth play?

In the band all time low alex gaskarth does lead vocals and guitar

Does alex gaskarth have s brother What is his name?

alex did have a brother.. he name was either Daniel or Tom, Alex doesnt like to talk about him.