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Q: Did 80s rock stars were high heels?
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Does teens follow rock stars?

I'd say many teens idolise rock stars and look up to them, yes. Whether they follow them or not is a different matter, and one that can't really be answered. But rock stars generally do have an impact/influence on people's lives. Perhaps less now than in the 60s/70s and 80s, but they still have an impact.

When was Classic Rock invented?

classic rock was never invented. classic rock is a genre that is based on rock music that is no longer current. right now, classic rock would be considered 70s and 80s. in 10 years it will be 80s and 90s.

Who is the host on Fox tv show Pope Stars?

The 80s rapper Flava Flav is the host of Pope Stars.

Why is rock better in the 80s?

you could understand what the singers were saying.

What genre is love addict by family force 5?

Rock. More like 80s rock.

What decade is 1982?

The year 1982 was in the decade of the 1980s. The 80s were known for many things such as the rise of video games, punk rock, bright fashion and high hair.

What 80s rock band sang a song that started with mama?


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80s Rock...just like the rest of his brothers.

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