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Yes he said it on BET he lived in Harlem when he was younger.

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Q: DiD Chris brown ever live in Harlem?
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Did chris brown live in Harlem?

Chris Brown does not live in Harlem. Chris Brown lives in Richmond, Virginia. Chris also has a home in the Hollywood Hills area in LA.

Did Chris Brown ever perform live after what happened with Rihanna?

Yes Chris Brown has performed live after what happened with Rihanna. He has performed at the BET Awards 2010.

What was Chris Brown first ever DVD called?

Chris Brown's Journey. This DVD included a documetary, making the videos of "Run It", "Yo" and "Gimmie That", two live performances, bloopers and krumping with Chris Brown.

Does Chris Brown live in London?

No Chris Brown does not live in London. Chris Brown lives in Virginia and California.

Did Shannon Brown use to live with Chris Brown?

No, Shannon Brown did not use to live with Chris Brown.

Will besa marry Chris Brown?

YES! as soon as besa beslimaj leaves estover chris brown will jump on a plane with her & they will fly to America and live there, marry & maybe have children. they will live happily ever after xxxx

Does Chris Brown live with his parents?

No, Chris Brown does not live with his mom. Chris Brown said in a interview that he has a house a few houses away from his mom's house.

Does Chris Brown live in america?

Yes Chris Brown does live in America. He has a house in Virginia.

Where did Chris Brown live in his childhood?

Chris Brown lived in Tappahannock, Virginia.

Do Chris Brown live in Brooklyn?

Chris Brown lives in Virginia. In his own bario.

Does Chris Brown live in San Diego?

I am sure there is a "Chris Brown" living in San Diego.

What street does Chris Brown live on?

no he doesnt.chris brown is my cuzin,and he does not live on montpelier.But he does live in VA