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YES! as soon as besa beslimaj leaves estover Chris Brown will jump on a plane with her & they will fly to America and live there, marry & maybe have children. they will live happily ever after xxxx

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Q: Will besa marry Chris Brown
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Will Chris Brown marry me?

Chris Brown will only marry you if he knows you and loves you.

Did Rihanna marry Chris Brown?

they are engaged but they are waiting to get married

Will Chris Brown go out with you?

Yup chris brown will go out with all of us he said he like all kinds!

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Will Chris Brown never marry Rihanna?


Will Chris Brown marry karrueche?

Noone knows what the future holds but as of right now Chris Brown is not going to marry anyone because he says right now he's too young to marry anyone

Did Rihanna marry Chris Brown after beating her up?


Is Chris Brown getting married?

Brown has not announced any plans to marry in the near future.

Why did Chris Brown think everyone had a perfect partner?

Chris Brown thought that because everybody does have a perfect partner and you will marry them and spend your rest of your life with them.

Does Chris Brown even want to marry rihanna?

---- yes because they are in love

What are things that people have said about Chris Brown showing that they loved him?

"I Love You Chris" "Chris Brown is so fine" "I want to marry you Chris" and "Chris Brow is the best!" There are more things said about him but these are the ones I could think of just then.

Is Chris going to marry Rihanna?

No, because Rihanna and Chris Brown broke up. Now Rihanna is dating a baseball player named Matt and now Chris Brown is dating a model.