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two optical encoders connected to the bottom of the joystick measure how far the stick moves forward/backwards and sideways. those 2 numbers (one for each direction) are sent to the computer which decides where you are aiming. those numbers are sent many times per second.

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A joystick transfers the motion of your hand, something very real, into the digital information needed to make the computer action happen. Digital data, in the form of "1s" and "0s," creates the movement of Action Figures and objects very smoothly. With a good joystick the computer user or gamer is able to interact with this virtual world.

As you move the joystick it connects to various contacts in the joystick. Some joysticks have more contacts than others and some contacts are pressure sensitive, meaning it can tell how much pressure you are applying.

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Joy stick is a user friendly technique which is used in phones & even in some industries to make easy of our work one joy stick alone we can choose multiple options rather than pressing few buttons.

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Q: Describe how a joy stick functions?
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