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to controll games, stupid

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Q: What is the purpose of the joy stick?
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Who invented joy stick?

The joy stick was invented by C.B.Mirick .

When was Stick Around for Joy created?

Stick Around for Joy was created on 1992-02-18.

Is a jor stick an input or an output?

A joy stick is an input device.

What is another term for joy stick?


Is a joy stick an input device?


Does any joy stick work on Roblox?


Joy stick an input or a output?

i duunno

What is a joy stick?

Its a stick used to control user inter phase on a video game.

What are two advantages of a joystick?

you can ride the joy stick

Is a joy stick a input or a output?

it is a input device

Can you use the GameCube joy stick on the wii?

I think, yes.

Is a joy stick a input or output device?

Yes, the joy stick is an input device as it is used inside the computer. Input devices are used inside the computer like mouses, keyboards etc. Printers etc. bring things out from the computer so they are output devices! ~Cheers ~Hope you liked the answer