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compare these specification agains the requirement of commercial software (games, utilites, application)

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Q: Compare these specification agains the requirement of commercial software games utilites application?
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What is difference between software Requirement Specification and user requirement specification in software?

Software requirement specifications include both installation and maintenance requirements, and functional aspects of software that a user needs. User requirement specification in software is the specifications about functional and user interface specification.

Why is requirement specification needed for software project?

In Requirement specification we specify the the requirements of the software project. It is important because if requirements are not properly specified the end product will not satisfy customer's requirement.

How do you write software requirement specification?

At the below URL you can find a template that can help you in writing a "software requirement specification"

What are the advantage and disadvantages of having both requirements specification and requirements definition?

What are the disadvantage of software requirement specification

What are the work product of requirement engineering?

An SRS document is formed after requirement engineering. The SRS stands for Software Requirement Specification.

Human Resource Management System Software specification requirement?

what is the question specifically?

What are various application areas of software?

the various application areas of software is.. 1. commercial 2. real time applications and 3. scientific software

How software is created?

Software creation requires different phases of software development life cycle. These are: Requirement analysis and specification Design Coding Testing Operation and maintenance

The minimum RAM requirement to run Windows Vista is?

application software

How do you prepare a software project synopsis?

by having the command on software project giving the information and detail with proper requirement specification and design is what synopsis is all about.

What is the difference between system specification and a software specification?

The specifications for a software application will be what that application needs to be able to do. The designwill be how the software engineers plan to do it.A simple specification may be something like "This application must be able to take two numbers as input and display their sum."The design could be:# Accept two values via command line # Add values # Display sum or...# Display calculator GUI # Accept two values via mouse input # Add values # Display sum

What is SRS in software engineering?

SRS in context of Software Engineering stands for System Requirements Specification. It is a document that specifies the complete description of the behavior of the system. For example, if the group of software engineers are to design a software for a bank. Assuming they are provided with BRD (Business Requirement Design), the engineers first need to describe and design the behavior of the software. The various entities the software has to react with, the various properties it should possess and so on. These specification can be a type of SRS.