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Pirated software

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Q: Illegal copies of commercial software are referred to as?
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Is there anything wrong acqiuring and using unauthorised software copies?

Yes. Even if you feel that you are ethically justified in using software without paying for it, it is illegal to do so.

From where you can download xp raid bootable CD for compaq preserio laptop?

Windows XP is a commercial product. If your Compaq came with this pre-installed you need to go back to the retailer for a copy of the OEM product or you need to purchase a version of the operating system from Microsoft or a retail vendor. Downloading pirate copies of commercial software is theft and illegal and supply information on how to do illegal actions.

What is the differences between legal and illegal software?

For software to be legal, it either has to be free, or you had to have paid for it from the original producer of it. If someone else buys the software, and you make copies of it and hack it to make it work or use someone else's license details to make it work, that is illegal. Software can also be illegal in terms of content. If the software is about an illegal theme or encourages illegal acts (like rape, molestation, murder, terrorism), it may be illegal depending on the country, or illegal in certain situations (such as in public, or in front of children). Or the software could be illegal in the sense that it is a virus or a hacking tool, or otherwise damages computers and computer security..

Is making copies of software illegal?

That would depend on the license agreement, but the typical license allows the person who buys the software to make a backup copy. Most vendors will, in fact,supply free back up copies to registered owners of their software. I would hesitate a long time before paying for software which did not allow me to make backups and did offer free replacements upon request.

Is Vdownloader legal?

The software is legal, your use may not be. If you use the software to obtain unlicensed copies of licensed materials you would be violating copyright laws. How you use the software is what makes it legal or illegal. * `~-~_;:'<I just use it to upload videos from>':;_~-~`

Where can you download software?

go on itunes or if you don't want to then buy cds with music already on them and put it in your computer......either that or you can be really stupid and get illegal copies(please don't)

Making unauthorized copies of original software is called software?


Is it illegal to have two copies if an I'd?

Not if they are identical

Are schools allowed to have illegal copies of an OS?


How is pirated software distrobuted to other people?

By downloading it onto removable media and producing multiple copies. It should be said that pirating software is ILLEGAL - Many people have been prosecuted for being in possession of pirated media - whether that's computer software, music, video or DVD's.

Is illegal copies of games affecting sales of legal copies?

Yes, because the creators of the legal copies are not making any money.

Are game mods legal?

they are illegal if like some xbox person comes to your house and finds the mods on it Improved answer: Game mods are not illegal if you are using them to play copies of disks you have already purchased. You have the legal right to make copies (or archives) of software you have purchased so you can use them if needed. If your $100 game gets badly scratched or damaged so you cannot play it, you have the right to use the BACKUP copies you have made --- period. This right has been held up in court legally. No it is not illegal to do if you are using it for the intended purpose.