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the frogs

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Q: Compare and contrast the song of the frog and nightingale?
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Why frog has been called a loon in the poem frog and the nightingale?

The frog in the poem is called as loon because it has gone crazy by the song of the nightingale . He thinks that his usual place is captured by the nightingale & is weeping like the huge water bird. That is why he wants the nightingale to leave him alone and later kills it

What was the Character sketch of the nightingale in the poem the frog and the nightingale?

In the poem "The Frog and the Nightingale," the nightingale is portrayed as naive, trusting, and easily influenced. She is eager to please others, which ultimately leads to her downfall when she sacrifices her own health and well-being for the sake of the frog's selfish demands. The nightingale's character highlights the dangers of falling prey to manipulation and losing one's true self in the pursuit of external validation.

What is the character sketch of the frog in Vikram Seths poem-the frog and the nightingale?

The frog has a boastful and patronizing nature. He also portrays jealousy as the nightingale surpasses him in term of singing and admiration from a crowd who loathed his voice. He is also condescending, and scolds the nightingale in every mistake she makes in an attempt to lower his rivals self-confidence & self esteem. He succeeds in doing so. He is also shown to be money minded, with a capitalistic character (selling the nightingale's song for money).

Why is the frog's joy both sweet and bitter?

The frog's joy was sweet as he was earning a lot of money by charging the nightingale for training and it was bitter as the creatures who hated his voice and threw sticks and stones at him when he sang, paid to listen to the nightingale's song. Another answer could be- the frog's joy was sweet as he was exploring the nightingale and charging money from the creatures of the Bingle Bog who came to hear her, when he pocketed. At the same time it was bitter because the creatures who came to hear her song were the same ones who had insulted him when he used to sing.

When was The Nightingale's Song created?

The Nightingale's Song was created in 1995.

How many pages does The Nightingale's Song have?

The Nightingale's Song by Robert Timberg has 544 pages.

When was Nightingale - song - created?

Nightingale - song - was created on 1974-12-17.

Do you have any critical analysis on 'the Frog and the Nightingale' by Vikram Seth?

Once upon a time a frog croaked in a very loud and unpleasant voice in Bingle Bog every night. Other creatures living there hated it. One night a nightingale came there and perched on a sumac tree and began to sing melodiously. All creatures living there loved it and cheered her by calling her song divine. Next night the frog went to the nightingale and said that he was the owner of that tree. He also said that he was known for his splendid baritone and wrote songs for Bog trumpet. The nightingale asked how the frog liked her song. He said that it was not bad but she would merely remain a beginner without his proper training. So she offered herself as his student calling him Mozart in disguise. Animals came every night to hear nightingale sing and the frog cleverly charged fee for admission and earned a lot. One morning it began to rain. The frog made her practice for six hours. Her voice became hoarse. But at night it revived and she performed well in front of the audience. The frog made the nightingale practice for longer hours and nightingale grew more weak and pale and this affected her voice. So the animals lost interest in her singing and stopped coming .This made the frog angry he told nightingale to puff her lungs according to fashion as she still owed him sixty shillings. The nightingale sang weeping but died due to the burst of a vein. Now the frog called her stupid as he had tried to teach her but she was tense and

What is the ISBN of The Nightingale's Song?

The ISBN of The Nightingale's Song is 0-684-86794-X.

How do you know that the nightingale's song was a sensation?

the solitary loon had cried,the toads and teals...and tiddlers were fascinated and the whole bog was admired by the nightingale's song that way the nightingale's song was an sensation

Why is the nightingale song so special?

The nightingale's song is special because of its complex and melodious sound, often described as one of the most beautiful in the bird world. The nightingale's song is also known for its ability to vary in pitch, rhythm, and volume, creating a diverse and captivating performance. Additionally, the nightingale's singing is associated with the arrival of spring and has inspired poets and musicians for centuries.

What is the duration of Frog Song?

The duration of Frog Song is 1.08 hours.