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Technically you can watch 3D movies on a normal LCD screen, but if you do the 3D won't work. The reason why it won't work is because a normal LCD screen doesn't have the technology necessary to make the 3D movie features work.

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Q: Can you watch 3D movies in normal LCD screen with 3D glasses on?
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Can we watch 3D movie in a normal screen?

Yes you can watch 3D movies with a regular screen. 3D movies are filmed in a way, that when you watch them with the 3D glasses, the movie appears to be in 3D, therefore the screen you watch it on makes no difference. There are screens that the screens themselves are3D but that's a different thing.

Can children watch movies in the dark?

This is the normal viewing mode for movies. It is best for the eyes, by the way as attention is readily focused on the action on the silver screen.

Do you need 3d glasses to watch 3d movies?

if your talking about a cimema, then yes you need 3D glasses

How can a spectacled person watch a 3D movie?

The 3D glasses went in front of my glasses when I saw 3d movies.

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You don't need any special system. You can watch Netflix movies on a normal computer.

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If you have real 3D glasses can you watch 3D movies for free?

No. You don't pay for the 3-D glasses; you pay for the movie ticket. So whether or not you have your own 3-D glasses is totally irrelevant.

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online movie quide, quick silver screen, or in parts on google

What is the difference between a 3-D movie and a normal movie?

well the difference between a 3d movie and a normal one is the 3d movie you watch comes out at you when you wear 3d glasses whereas if you didnt wear the glasses its just a normal movie.

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