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yeah but u have to create it

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Q: Can you use undertakers last ride on svr 2009?
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How do you unlock zombie santino in SvR 2009 PS3?

redo the undertakers road to wm

Svr 09 how to do undertakers chokeslam no signiture?

press triangle when standing up

How do you unlock masked Kane on svr 2009 for 360?

u cant its impossable joking u hav to put in the cheat undertakers masked bro

How do you make John Morrison's pants in svr 2010?

You Cant, Its The same With Undertakers Hair

How do you get finlays costume b on svr 09?

you have to do undertakers on road to wrestlemania you have to do all bonuses

How to unlock Undertakers Costume in SVR 2011?

if you have a ps3 go online if you have it and by all unlockables

Where can you download SVR 2009 PC game?

Where will SVR 2009 be available. can we download it

Is Bobby Lashley in SVR 2009?

yes bobby lashly is on svr 2009 . I know because ive got svr he isert coz he was he is not in the real WWE

Can you Unlock gaulet match svr 09?

YES after you do a gauntlet match in undertakers road to wrestlemaniaYes not done with taker with cena.

Can you get the punjami prison match in svr 2009 for xbox 360?

sorry no, Punjabi Prison is not on SvR 2009

Can superstars from SVR 2008 be tranfered to SVR 2009?

No i'v tried

Does SvR 2009 have net play?