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Q: Can you unlock puppet mode sasori on Naruto Shippuden legends?
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How do you get pupet form sasori in Naruto legends akatsuki rising?

you can't get puppet form sasori you can only play with sasori hiruko and sasori with the third kazekage

How can I get trought Pupet Form Sasori on the game Naruto Shippuden Legends Akatsuki Rising?

just get lvl 9 shadow clone with naruto and keep twisting that's what i did dude.

Is sasori agirl from Naruto?

No, he's a male half puppet.

Who is your favorite chracter on Naruto Shippuden?

minato,gaara,naruto sage mode,sasori,

How often does Sasori of the Red Sand on the show Naruto use puppets besides himself to fight?

=Well, he only appears in Shippuden for a couple episodes but in those episodes he usually stays in Hiruko's body (Sasori's puppet) to protect his self.And when Sasori fights Sakura in Shippuden he uses all of his puppets to win....but he didnt...and he died TT^TT=

Does Kankuro die in Naruto Shippuden?

Not in Naruto and not yet revealed in Naruto Shippuuden.

What episode of naruto do sasori and deidara talk about orochimaru?

It's after the ending credits in episode 25 of naruto shippuden.

Does hiruko show up in Naruto?

Yes, only in Sasori's human puppet form.

What episode does sasori show his real body to deidera?

sasori shows his real body to deidara in episode 21 of naruto shippuden

In what episode does the art guy die in Naruto Shippuden?

It depends who you are talking about, Sasori (the puppet guy) dies in episode 28. While Deidara (the dude with mouths on his hands) dies in episode 124 in a blaze of glory.

Who Revives garra in naruto Shippuden?

I think it is Old Lady Chiyo when Sasori kills Gaara

Who is going to die in naruto Shippuden?

These characters Sasori oruchimaru Dedra Lady Chiyo and itachi