Can woman lift man

Updated: 8/30/2023
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yes surely why not........

examples........ I select 3

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Q: Can woman lift man
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How do you place a chair against a wall that can't be lifted by a man?

Get a woman to lift it.

Is a man giving a lift in his car to a woman different to a woman giving a lift to a man if your in a steady relationship?

It does not make much of a difference, even if a man gives a lift to a stranger, or a women gives a lift to a stranger, a stranger will be a stranger; and the fact that they are in a relationship will not change. If you know the person you're giving the lift to it shouldn't matter. But never give a ride to a stranger, or someone you barely know; never!

Do you think woman can lift man like a baby?

It is possible if a woman is very strong. Depending on the man's size and weight could be a factor too, but yes- I do not see how it could not be possible.

Can a 70 years old woman lift and carry a man?

It would be extremely unusual for a 70 year old woman to be able to lift that much weight (indeed, most women cannot lift and carry a man even when they are in their prime of youth), but it is not impossible for someone who has gone to great lengths to exercise and maintain physical strength.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Lift - 2010?

The cast of The Lift - 2010 includes: Marc Diraison as Man Kamala Sankaram as Girl Veronica Taylor as Woman

Is a man giving a strange woman a lift to another state and then bringing a different strange woman back then going to dinner with her wrong if he has a steady girlfriend?

it's okay as long as they are not dating.

What actors and actresses appeared in Five Miles High - 2004?

The cast of Five Miles High - 2004 includes: Katie Heap as Woman in Lift Arthur Patching as Man in Lift Christian Serritiello as Tenant

What is the present tense of lift?

Lift/lifts. As in: I lift weights. The man lifts the table.

What actors and actresses appeared in 117 - 1999?

The cast of 117 - 1999 includes: Basil Clarke as Lift Operator Andrew Crabbe as Angry Man Rebecca Hamilton as The Woman Jacek Koman as Man

Name something a man might do at the gym to impress a woman?

Family Feud 1) Lift Weights 2) Flex 3) Take off shirt

That a woman can do a man job?

A woman can do anything a man can do.

What does w4m mean in personal ads?

Woman for Man (an adult woman seeking a man)